The All Nighter Styling Powder

Okay, I admit it: I’m a packaging whore. In fact, that’s the whole appeal of beauty products as far as I’m concerned—the sleek design, kitschy label or vaguely sexual rubberized coating (found on Nars products) gets me every time. So, yes, I love the drugstore chic of this new hair powder: The plain container’s perforated top makes it clear that there’s a powdery substance within and the straightforward label design has a groovy ’70s appeal—not to mention that following the label’s directives to “scrunch, zhuzh, fluff, toss and tease” makes me feel like a young Farrah Fawcett. But the bottom line is that this stuff is my daily savior; the small container (a little goes a long way) fits comfortably in my purse so that I can apply it at 4pm to my inevitably greased-out bangs and then use it to give my flat hair a lift before I head out of the office for the evening. Many have extolled the wonders of spray powders and dry shampoos, but I’ve found that this loose powder gives me the most control, oil absorption and volume. Oh, and not to brag about how pure all of the products I use are, but this little guy is all natural and talc-, aluminum-, silica- and paraben-free. $18, at—Erin Wylie

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