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The best gay club nights and parties in NYC

LGBT parties in NYC offer something for everyone, from relaxed, mixed shindigs to sweaty dance throwdowns

Photograph: Zenith Richards

Gay clubs in New York are a thing of the past, having vanished in the 1990s when iconic spots like the Roxy and Twilo closed up shop to make room for things like high-rise condos and Sleep No More. XL at the OUT NYC is the city's only remaining big gay room, and even that stands empty several nights a week. These days, gay club nights are centered around gay bars—where you'll find world-class drag queens every night of the week—or nights in mixed spaces like Stage 48. But the demise of the megaclub hasn't diluted queer clubbing. If anything, the slacking velvet rope has resulted in a more mixed and democratic scene, from the basement discos of the Village to loft parties in Brooklyn.

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