10 people who really need to enroll in Broadway Bodies' Beyoncé dance class

It’s not easy getting Queen Bey’s moves right, as these folks illustrate all too well on YouTube…

Chelsea's Broadway Bodies dance studio has started offering twice-weekly classes to teach people how to dance just like Beyoncé. That got us thinking about just how many Sasha Fierce-wannabes are in need of that kind of tutelage.

From kids in clown masks to women in bathtubs to big guys in leotards, people all around the world have been trying, and failing, to dance like Beyoncé (and then posting their pitiful attempts to YouTube) for far too long. Not that we really want them to stop…

Chris Koo

All right, so this guy can actually kind of dance. But it’s so over-the-top that it ends up looking more ridiculous rather than good. Watch it and you’ll see what we mean.

Bedroom Moves

We think this is supposed to be sexy…possibly…not sure. It starts with an ominous silence and ends up with a woman just attempting to get off a bed repeatedly.

Clown Beyoncé

Partly terrifying, pretty weird, but there’s an excellent payoff at the end.

Michelle Obama

We know she’s the First Lady, but put some effort into it, Michelle. She’s cooler than most other first ladies, but this is still just halfhearted mom-dancing.

Shower woman

Absolutely fantastic. Just…why? And a bathtub?

Faceplant á la The Ring

You’ll think it’s the girl from The Ring. Then she weirdly grows an extra arm. And then it really gets going.

Kid in a hat

We're not sure what's worse here...his moves, or his hat. 

Drunk in Love (on ice)

If she is drunk on anything, it’s not ice. (Spoiler alert: It’s more likely alcohol, given how stupid this is.)

Big dude in a leotard

This video is weirdly hypnotic, kind of like when you can’t take your eyes away from a fire.

Dog does it

The fact that this mutt is probably the best dancer on the list might be the saddest thing we discovered today.