Big Boi

The OutKast rapper turned solo artist plans a nonstop hit parade.

Brooklyn Bowl; Mon 6

Beyond material from your new solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, you’ve been performing OutKast songs live. Is there anything you just won’t do without Andr 3000?
Not at all—anything can be done. If I go see Prince or someone whose music I’m a fan of, I want to hear the jams. I remember one time I went to a Prince show and he wasn’t playing a lot of Purple Rain stuff. He was playing all the New Power Generation [material]. I was like, Uhhhhhhh, you know what I’m saying? Songs like [Prince obscurity] “Sometimes It Snows in April,” you don’t get that at our show. I try to mix it up. Touring for so long, you know which songs people want to hear, which songs are gonna get a certain reaction. Of course, it depends on the crowd you’re playing in front of, but as long as you’re giving them high-energy shows and it’s full of hits, it’s nonstop—there’s not a boring second in the show.

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