"Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell (VIDEO)

Listen to "Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell, No. 16 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.

16. Joni Mitchell, "Chelsea Morning" (1969)

Mitchell's tune was eclipsed in commercial success by Judy Collins's version, but the singer's own recording, in which she happily recounts the joys of waking up in her picturesque room in the Chelsea Hotel, grips us hardest. A gray Manhattan morning is dappled in exuberant hippie-commune sunlight after Joni's through with it. Homegirl didn't need a triple shot of espresso, five cigarettes and a scroll through Facebook status updates—just some oranges in a bowl, rainbows on the wall and a sun show peeking through her yellow curtains.

Chelsea Morning - Clouds


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