Exclusive: Here’s the site map for the 2014 Governors Ball Music Festival!

Your guide to getting around New York’s best fest of the summer

Governors Ball is one of the highlights of New York summer, and as people who love both music and warm weather (see our list of the 50 best summer songs ever made for proof), we are crazy excited for the musical bonanza to begin.
But you know what sucks at a festival? Not being able to find the correct stage. Or the bar. Or the bathroom. (Or, if things are going really badly, the first-aid station.) That’s why site maps have become as indispensable to festivalgoers as silly hats and water bottles, and it's why we’re extra proud to be the first people to present this: The official site map for the 2014 Governors Ball Music Festival.

Click to view a larger version of the map

So while you’re preparing for amazing performances by the Strokes, OutKast, Spoon, Chance the Rapper and, yes, Diarrhea Planet, study this map and this timetable, and figure out exactly where you need to be and when.
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