Interview: Caveman

An up-and-coming band of born-and-bred New Yorkers shares some insight for 2012.


Caveman Photograph: Kate Edwards

Local outfit Caveman seems ideally poised for success in 2012. The band just signed its Magic Man! label to a deal with influential indie Fat Possum, booked tours across North America and Europe after emerging as a major attraction during last year's CMJ Festival, and was deemed an act to watch by a myriad of media outlets—this one included. Topping it off, the hardworking five-piece released a near-perfect debut, CoCo Beware, an atmospheric concoction of sweeping guitar melodies, intimate vocals and dreamy synths, all grounded by tribal, infectious drums.

Still, there's always room for improvement, especially with a new year upon us. We asked the proud New York natives—singer, songwriter and drummer Matt Iwanusa, guitarist Jimmy "Cobra" Carbonetti, drummer Stefan Marolachakis, bassist Jeff Berrall and keyboardist Sam Hopkins—to tell us how Caveman hopes to upgrade and what our city needs to be a better New York.

What were your New Year's resolutions?
As a band, we want to continue to be productive, stop drinking soda and work on our opposite-hand dribbles.

If you could see into the future, what lies ahead for New York?
A title for the Knicks.

What about for Caveman?
A title for the Knicks.

What single thing would improve New York in 2012? What do New Yorkers need most?
Still waiting on that Second Avenue subway line—and that title for the Knicks.

Name a New York experience worth splurging on.
How about this classic tip for all the frugal customers out there: the Staten Island Ferry. It's free and offers great views of the Statue of Liberty, along with cheap beer.

What is the most shameless thing you've done to promote yourselves?
No shame in our game.

How do you pamper yourselves?
Every so often we treat ourselves to a good daydream of that all-curing, deep-tissue massage we will one day remember to get.

How do you make yourselves feel rich without breaking the bank?
By spending $5 at Vanessa's Dumplings.

What do you do to make yourselves look more important than you actually are?
Walk down the street in a distinctly European fashion.

How do you pump yourselves up for a live show?
We've got a good routine going—chanting never hurts.

What musicians or bands will you look to for inspiration in 2012?
We're confident Magma will be keeping us going in 2012.

What would you like to see your fans and listeners do in 2012?
We'd like to see them continue to step into the vibe.

If you could choose any artist to tour with this year, who would it be?
The Stone Roses, PJ Harvey or Ronnie Wood.

What is on your winter to-do list?
Some good ol' NYC snow. And hopefully spending time drinking hot chocolate and hot toddies in a ski lodge somewhere. 

Name five songs that motivate you to upgrade yourself.
Sebastien Tellier, "Roche"; Bee Gees, "More than a Woman"; Fleetwood Mac, "Everywhere"; Ronnie Wood, "Seven Days"; Lee Hazlewood, "My Autumn's Done Come"; bonus track: Magma, "Otis."

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