Interview: Julie Atlas Muz

The performance artist describes the genesis of her political cabaret about 9/11.

Julie Atlas Muz

Julie Atlas Muz Photograph: Karl Giant

On why she decided to produce Knock Knock. Who's There? 9/11! 9/11 Who? You Said You'd Never Forget!, a political cabaret featuring a queer-heavy lineup of downtown stars, including Justin Bond, Sherry Vine and Sweetie:

"I was on tour in France and I was like, Oh my God, it's been ten years since the Towers fell. I wanted to make sure I'd be near all of my nearest and my dearest, artistically and emotionally, [so] I thought, I'll make a cabaret! We're being careful to be respectful, but also to be New Yorkers and political. We have to process all of these emotions. I thought I was further along, but when I actually dig deeper about 9/11, I realize there's still a lot of emotion in my soul about it. This show is the voice of New York—that gritty, whiskey-laden voice of the city, croaking out."

Highline Ballroom ( Sept 11 at 8pm; $20, VIP $40.

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