Live preview: Deceased

Metal craftsman King Fowley presents his latest subgenre-spanning epics.


Deceased Photograph: Dianne Smith

King Fowley just might be the most affable man in extreme metal. The mastermind of Virginia's Deceased boasts a linebacker's frame—Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds makes for a good visual comparison—and the roar of a vengeful god, but there's an everydudeness to him that puts you at ease. Browsing through YouTube turns up his visit to a metal-themed cooking show (pepperoni dip and ranch pretzels were on the menu), and in the thank-you list for the new Deceased disc, Surreal Overdose (PATAC Records), he shouts out his wife for "rockin' my heart."

As a craftsman, though, Fowley is dead serious. Since the first Deceased LP, 1991's Luck of the Corpse, the drummer-vocalist has resisted a monogamous commitment to any one of extreme-metal's various factions, instead drawing freely on doom, grindcore and thrash. All of these styles cohere on Surreal Overdose, one of the year's most replayable and exhilarating metal albums. You won't detect Fowley's goofy persona in the music, but you will hear the sound of a man absolutely smitten with metal's ability to cast macabre themes in epic trappings. Join the faithful in welcoming this national treasure to Greenpoint's Saint Vitus, quickly becoming the city's choicest heavy-music haven.

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