Live preview: Megadeth

Masochistic metal icon Dave Mustaine airs his latest art-thrash anthems.


Megadeth Photograph: Travis Shinn

What if the worst humiliation of your life were a matter of public record? Ask Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine, booted from Metallica in '83 at age 21 for excessive substance abuse and still smarting as of the early aughts. "It's been hard watching everything that you guys do turn to gold and everything I do fuckin' backfire," says a choked-up Mustaine to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich in the 2004 doc Some Kind of Monster.

Hyperbole aside—Megadeth has moved 30 million records—it's easy to understand the cathartic significance of Mustaine's cameo at one of Metallica's 30th-anniversary gigs this past December. Here's hoping the guitarist-frontman can shift his focus to the present in time for 2012's Gigantour, which teams Megadeth with Motrhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil. The band's vitriolic art thrash—perfected on 1990's Rust in Peace, a record that stands respectably alongside Metallica's more widely canonized classics—sounded as severe as ever at last year's Yankee Stadium Big 4 gig, and unfortunate title aside, recent LP Th1rt3en contains a number of ready-made anthems worthy of sharing a set list with 'Deth chestnuts like "Hangar 18" and "Symphony of Destruction." "There's no time to stay/With the enemies I've made," snarls Mustaine on the steely single "Public Enemy No. 1," proving that masochism is still his go-to muse.

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