Miley Cyrus + Metro Station

Prudential Center; Sat 7, Sun 8
Nassau Coliseum; Nov 18, 19

Miley Cyrus fans despondent over the singer’s deleting her Twitter account last month might be looking to her current Wonder World tour for some insight into her latest doings: What have she and maybe-boyfriend Liam been up to? Any recent pimple crises to report? And did she see this week’s episode of Glee? Alas, this multimedia extravaganza offers virtually nothing that the enthusiastic showgoer wouldn’t already know from watching Cyrus’s shows and movies, and from listening to her music. For a young woman who’s already spent a considerable portion of her existence as a celebrity, Cyrus is remarkably unskilled at communicating to her fans what it’s like to be the real-life Hannah Montana.

That said, the Wonder World concert supplies arena-pop spectacle, and lots of it: Cyrus riding a motorcycle over audience members’ heads; Cyrus whacking her way out of an ice-cube prison; Cyrus leading her dancers in a choreographed tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Killer tunes, too, including “Party in the U.S.A.,” which proves that Miley makes for a much better rapper than you might expect.

With an often shirt-free singer—not to mention lyrics like “Take it off / Let’s just touch”—synthed-up emo-rock opening act Metro Station seems like an odd fit—unless, of course, you know that the singer is Cyrus’s older brother, Trace, and that guitarist Mason Musso’s younger sibling Mitchel also stars on Hannah Montana. Then it makes perfect sense.—Mikael Wood

Miley Cyrus

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