"New York Crew" by Judge (VIDEO)

Listen to "New York Crew" by Judge, No. 92 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.

92. Judge, "New York Crew" (1988)

When Mike "Judge" Ferraro shouts out "old New York" in this rough-hewn chest-thumper, he has in mind the East Village of the early '80s, when combat-booted foot soldiers like Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front and Warzone defended the integrity of their scene with hair-trigger urban belligerence. Judge epitomizes the meta quality of NYC hardcore's second wave, when the genre's preferred subject was the genre itself. Specifically its supposed poseur contingent: non-violent spectators who "wore the right clothes" but could never grasp what it meant to be a part of what Ferraro & Co. called "the New York Brotherhood."

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