"No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by Beastie Boys (VIDEO)

Watch the video for "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by Beastie Boys, No. 3 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.

3. Beastie Boys, "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" (1986)

Like the Beasties themselves, this Licensed to Ill anthem runs on a mixture of local pride and adolescent obnoxiousness. Slayer guitarist Kerry King backs the three MCs as they take turns chronicling the lifestyles of the young, rich and tasteless on the road ("Got limos, arenas, TV shows/Autograph pictures and classy ho's"). They also drop in a reference to "cold kickin' it live" at MSG, just so you know they've risen to the top of the local heap as well.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Licensed to Ill


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