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  • Photograph: Loren Wohl


  • Photograph: Loren Wohl


  • Photograph: Loren Wohl


Photograph: Loren Wohl



NYC is in the midst of a homegrown indie-metal renaissance, but high above the squirming larvae stand the colossi, groups that made their names in the days when dubbed cassette tapes snail-mailed across the globe served the purpose that Bandcamp or Spotify do today. Along with Long Island brethren Suffocation, Yonkers’s Immolation—led since ’88 by guitarist Robert Vigna and bassist-vocalist Ross Dolan, pictured, from left—is one of our proudest institutions. As you can hear on the new Kingdom of Conspiracy, the group traffics in a connoisseur’s brand of death metal that’s only grown fiercer, weirder and more uncompromising with the passing years.

What defines NYC metal?

"I would have to say that L'Amour in Brooklyn, back in the day, best sums up the NYC metal scene for us. If you were around back when thrash, and eventually death metal, started, or just any underground metal in general, this was the place where almost all of it came together in NY. We have seen so many bands there, from Slayer and Megadeth to Possessed and Type O Negative. The list is endless: King Diamond, Anthrax, Manowar, Voivod.

"We even saw Iron Maiden there playing under the name Charlotte and the Harlots!!! If you were a Maiden fan and you got to see them at a small club like L'Amour at that point in their career, it was truly something special! In its original form, L'Amour just had a great vibe and atmosphere that defined metal at that time. People would come from all over the NY and tri-state area to see shows there. For us, it was the location that metal history took place. Like CBGB's in NYC, it was a true landmark for music in NY and will always be remembered for its major role in the metal scene!"

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