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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

Last year in New York and a few other cities, prog-punk quartet Coheed and Cambria triumphantly celebrated the completion of The Amory Wars, a four-album cycle detailing futuristic battles among the stars, with Neverender, a four-concert event (and subsequent high-end box set) covering those discs in sequence. Now comes Year of the Black Rainbow, described as an Amory prequel. Fear not, it's no Phantom Menace; instead, the band wisely refines a winning formula, sounding properly bombastic on "The Broken," and effortlessly hooky on "Here We Are Juggernaut." And the furious drive in "Guns of Summer" leaves no doubt that drummer Chris Pennie, a Coheed member since 2007, is making a studio debut that's long overdue.—Steve Smith

Coheed and Cambria plays Music Hall of Williamsburg Wed 31.

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Year of the Black Rainbow (Columbia)