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You've got to wonder whether Miley Cyrus is finding it harder to tuck her locks under the golden tresses of her Disney alter ego these days. "Don't make me have to choose between / what I want and what you think I need," Cyrus sings as Hannah Montana on "Don't Want to Be Torn." The lines are heartbreak boilerplate, but you're tempted to read more into them.

Or you would be, if Cyrus had penned anything she sings on Hannah Montana 3, the latest collection of songs from the hit TV show. But while Cyrus has proved her growing skill with a pen elsewhere, Hannah's tunes are the work of Disney's formidable hit-making cabal: Antonina Armato and Tim James provide bouncy power-pop bliss with "It's All Right Here," while Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil check in with "Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)," a genuinely odd slice of gene-spliced technobilly. "Don't Want to Be Torn" is among four solid tracks by American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. And you can just make out Colleen Fitzpatrick's Vitamin C thumbprint on "Let's Get Crazy," credited to seven (!) writers.

David Archuleta's fey sweetness works well in a duo take of "I Wanna Know You," but a remake of blissful 2006 single "If We Were a Movie" gains nothing from Corbin Bleu's presence. And a Mitchel Musso solo cut, however faithful to the TV show, draws attention away from where it belongs: on Cyrus, whose interpretive sass is what makes this slick product come to life.

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