"Rhapsody in Blue" by Leonard Bernstein (VIDEO)

Listen to "Rhapsody in Blue" by Leonard Bernstein, No. 7 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.

7. Leonard Bernstein with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, "Rhapsody in Blue" (1959)

Gershwin was just 25 years old when he wrote this genre-bending composition for piano and jazz orchestra in 1924. A sublime collage of melodies and rhythms, the piece conjures the throb and clang of Jazz Age urban life so evocatively that it has become an aural signifier for New York City itself. The piece was notably used in the opening montage of Woody Allen's Manhattan and in the Hirschfeld-inspired sequence in Disney's Fantasia 2000.

Rhapsody in Blue - Gershwin: An American In Paris


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