The best (and worst) of 2010

Kanye West bum-rushed everyone's list this year.

The worst everything

The After Party gets bounced The city's musical-theater subculture lost one of its most vital showcases when Brandon Cutrell's weekly schmoozefest got eighty-sixed without warning from the Laurie Beechman Theatre.—AF

How to Fake It in America Cleveland MC Kid Cudi followed up a standoffish TONY interview with one of the year's most overreaching and pouty LPs.—CG

Ke$ha on Saturday Night Live Any TV appearance that makes viewers feel sorry for the performer is generally a bad thing. Similarly, it ain't good if you can see the artist thinking, Oh shit! This was actually a terrible idea!, as she reveals an American flag/stripper/astronaut costume. Oops.—SH

M.I.A.'s petulant response to her New York Times Magazine profile Had she smiled and accepted the big-league press, fans would be raving about the fascinating story and snazzy photographs; because of the pop star's whiny attempt at spin, 2010 became M.I.A.'s "bad year" of hypocritical fries. Twitter is not for everyone.—JR

Pink Friday's mere decentness I was hardly alone in hoping Nicki Minaj's debut album would retain the crass outrageousness of her mixtape and cameo work. While far from bad, the results just didn't live up to this Harajuku Barbie's free-agent lunacy.—HS

Susan Boyle's chart conquests A talent-show triumph is one thing, but this humble warbler's sell-by date passed some time ago; her continued record sales just underscore a nation's lowbrow banality.—SS

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