"The Home of Hip-Hop" by Grandmaster D.ST. (VIDEO)

Listen to "The Home of Hip-Hop" by Grandmaster D.ST., No. 84 on our list of the 100 best NYC songs.

84. Grandmaster D.ST., "The Home of Hip-Hop" (1985)

Born Derek Showard, the DJ known as Grandmixer D.ST. (for Delancey Street) did more than any other hip-hop artist to popularize turntables as a performing implement; he brought them to the public eye with his work on Herbie Hancock's milestone single, "Rockit," and in subsequent TV appearances. Showard (currently known as DXT) was also a capable rapper; "Home of Hip-Hop," a Celluloid 12-inch, provides a succinct, forceful NYC b-boy history lesson.

The Home Of Hip Hop - Home Of Hip Hop


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