The Rogers Sisters

From left: Miyuki Furtado, Jennifer Rogers, Laura Rogers

From left: Miyuki Furtado, Jennifer Rogers, Laura Rogers

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He's the odd man out in a band named for its women, but that doesn't bother the Rogers Sisters' bassist, Miyuki Furtado. "This is the best band I've ever been in. Besides," he continues playfully, "I don't give a shit what anybody thinks!"

That devil-may-care attitude permeates most everything the garage-pop trio does. "We don't have a businesslike focus," Furtado says. "It's almost like we're not trying to make a career," adds Jennifer, one of the two siblings the group is named for (she plays guitar, sister Laura drums, and all three members sing). "We're waiting for it to happen to us!"

Not pressuring themselves to succeed on anyone else's terms has allowed the Sisters to improve at their own pace. The Brooklyn-based group debuted in November 1999, while the women's previous band, indie fave Ruby Falls, was on its last legs. To date, the Rogers Sisters have only released one single, last year's "Let's Fly Away" (though an album, Purely Evil, and a new single are due later this year on local label Troubleman Unlimited). What was initially just a fun rock band has grown into a powerfully energetic one as well, with strains of mod punk à la Holly Golightly and Billy Childish emerging in the Sisters' music. At a recent show at Williamsburg's Mighty Robot, the band's tightly compact songs instantly grabbed the packed room's attention and kept the crowd revved up and dancing.

You're more likely to catch the group at such Brooklyn spots (they also favor Luxx and Local) than at Manhattan clubs, where they feel the scene is sometimes too political and uptight. And uptight is the last word that would describe these performers, who tease each other constantly. When Jennifer mentions her stint in hairstyling school, Furtado pounces: "She's a cliché—a beauty-school dropout who joined a rock & roll band!" Spoken like a true sister.

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