Top ten air-sex anthems for the Air Sex Championships

Think your air-guitar technique is pretty good? Warm up for this week's Air Sex Championships with these sizzling tunes.

6. "Touch Me," The Doors

Is there any other way to respond to Jim Morrison as he coos "Come on, come on, come on, come on / Now touch me, baby!" besides "of course"? Curiously, this tune reached popularity around the time Morrison was arrested in Miami for indecent exposure. Perhaps the frontman started taking the lyrics a little too seriously.

7. "Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me," The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack

Saving the best for (near) last, this cry for intimacy is the eleventh song in the bizarre Rocky Horror Picture Show. Spiced with themes of pent-up sexual angst and a desire for sexual exploration, Susan Sarandon's purer-than-pure Janet Weiss pleads, "I've got an itch to scratch / I need assistance / Toucha toucha toucha touch me / I wanna be dirty!" Don't worry, Janet, your itch will get scratched later on in the movie.

8. "Cherry Pie," Warrant

Lead singer Jani Lane wrote this not-so-subtle tribute to coitus in 15 minutes on a pizza box. After 20 years, however, he explained that the '90s believed-to-be sex ballad was, in fact, about a cherry pie. "Here I was, this macho rock star who had written a heartfelt ode to the most exquisite-tasting food to ever grace [my] palate." Whatever, Lane, we still prefer to believe this song is one big juicy sexual innuendo.

9. "Too Close," Next

Though Next's lyrics may resonate better with young members of our audience (shout-out to 15-year-old boys), whether you're gettin' busy alone or with someone else, the three chest-baring lads recorded one of the sexiest accompanying tunes for either act. The story—a man who can't control his arousal while grindin' in a club—makes listeners also want to bust out some air-sex moves.

10. "Ball and Biscuit," White Stripes

In this homage to bluesman Willie Dixon's "The Seventh Son," the Whites Stripes prove music and sex are two peas in a pod. The blues-heavy riffs and pulsating drumbeats pretty much wail "just do me"…for seven-whole minutes. Ah, swoon.

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