A queer week

So before I reveal a little taste of what life is like in the week of the G&L editor (minus the scintillating details about writing listings, petting my cat and cooking tofu dinners for my girlfriend), I have to talk for just a minute about how much I love Madonna. I know, trite, tired, predictable. And you know what? I don't care. Tonight's NBC Confessions broadcast was sheer genius, and I can almost forgive her for agreeing to edit out the Madge-as-Christ-on-the-cross segment, thanks to the lezzie ass-grab and kiss, the constant S/M imagery and that gay-boy Jewish-Muslim lovefest. She is a goddess!

Okay, back down to earth...I saw a few almost-goddesses last night when I stopped into Snapshot, the weekly dyke party at Bar 13 that draws a cute and skinny collection of hipsters who seem to average at age 23. Undeterred, I hung out with my pal and took it all in (including a few strong Cosmos), spending much time trying to decide if the hot butch-femme couple with the sixtysomething man in a suit were with a sugar-daddy trick or an actual dad. Finally, when no threesome shenanigans went on and the man left with his dignified air intact, we got our answer: actual dad! How cool is that?

Earlier in the week, my GF and I followed up a film by one of my favorite queer directors (Almodvar's Volver) with a stroll through the new Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, and wound up throwing down at Vlada. Those infused vodkas are dangerous (thank you Ptown Joey!), the boys are tasty morsels, and the space is looking as fresh as ever. I love a good boy night! But now, my dears, I'm off to scope the ladies at Shescape's Thanksgiving Eve bash at the Park. It's one of the best lez events of the year, and I'm sure tonight won't disappoint.... Happy Tofurky Day!