A tree dies in Hell's Pantry

While ideas may flourish in editor-in-chief Brian Farnham's office, plants certainly do not. The man is losing his orchid. "It just dropped three leaves," he said earlier today, shaking his head. The once-healthy plant was given to him a couple weeks ago. He's a little spotty on the exact details of its irrigation, but it was "quite wet" when he left for Thanksgiving break and dry—"bone-dry"—upon his return. For someone who's currently committing unwitting herbicide, he's curiously unperturbed by details. He doesn't even know what kind of orchid it is. "And sadly," he says ominously, "we may never know."



The tree killer calls upon you, devoted blog readers, for a little insight. A plant hangs in the balance! Can you save Brian's bush? Does it bother you that I'm using tree, plant and bush interchangeably when they're very clearly different things? If so, you are just the kind of tree nerd we need! Tips, tricks or bets on how long till this sad weed finally kicks it (sorry, Brian) are greatly appreciated. Drop some garden science on us at tonyblog@timeoutny.com.