An art openings overload during New York Gallery Week

  • Trisha Donnelly

  • Patricia Esquivas

  • Josephine Meckseper

  • Hans Op de Beeck

  • Jorge Pardo

  • Eric Wesley

  • T.J. Wilcox

  • Martin Creed

  • Scott Olson

Trisha Donnelly

Running May 7--10, New York Gallery Week is a new initiative, involving the participation of more than 50 contemporary art galleries, who will be presenting solo exhibitions, lectures and performances over the four-day span. It will be hard to choose, but luckily, most shows stay open well past Monday 10. All galleries participating in NYGW will be open until 8pm as follows: Galleries in Chelsea, uptown and on 57th Street will be bustling on Saturday, while Sunday is reserved for all Bowery, Lower East Side, Soho and West Village venues. Meanwhile, here's a list of the exhibitions having their opening weekend during NYGW from 6--8pm. Be sure to stay hydrated!

Saturday, May 8

Darren Almond at Matthew Marks Gallery
John Altoon at Nyehaus
Hany Armanious at Foxy Production
Karla Black and Nate Lowman at Andrea Rosen Gallery
Trisha Donnelly at Casey Kaplan Gallery
Thomas Eggerer at Friedrich Petzel Gallery
Patricia Esquivias at Murray Guy
Josephine Meckseper at Elizabeth Dee Gallery
Jim Nutt at David Nolan Gallery
Hans Op de Beeck at Marianne Boesky Gallery
Jorge Pardo at Friedrich Petzel Gallery
William Pope.L at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Heather Rowe at D'Amelio Terras
Padraig Timoney at Andrew Kreps
Anne Truitt at Matthew Marks Gallery
"Twenty Five" at Luhring Augustine
Eric Wesley at Bortolami
T.J. Wilcox at Metro Pictures
Johannes VanDerBeek at Zach Feuer Gallery
Mark Wyse at Wallspace

Sunday, May 9

Andy Coolquitt at Lisa Cooley
Martin Creed and Jonathan Horowitz at Gavin Brown's Enterprise
(Richard Aldrich, Zak Prekop, Josh Brand, Peter Mandradjieff) at Harris Lieberman
Claude Lveque at James Fuentes, LLC
Scott Olsen at Taxter & Spengemann
Blake Rayne at Miguel Abreu
Matt Saunders at Harris Lieberman
Amy Yao at Jack Hanley Gallery