Black out


I feel for police officers, I really do. They join the force to protect the innocent against criminal predators and they end being drafted unwillingly into the gay lifestyle. Or is it really so unwillingly? Certainly Sgt. Dave Karsnia wasn't psyched about doing the toilet-stall tango with Larry Craig. I mean, who would? But if William Friedkin's recently rereleased homo primer, Cruising, is to be believed, the fuzz are just big burning balls of sexual confusion waiting to explode in the queer demimonde, under the guise of doing their job.

Is that what was going on at Mr. Black Friday night, when undercover officers arrested 17 staffers and 15 patrons on drug-related charges and shut down the year-old gay dance club for the foreseeable future? Probably not. According to Charles Winters of, the club was kinda asking for trouble by doing absolutely nothing to keep the party-favor-taking on the DL.

crackdown at Mr. Black

Winters writes:

Cops tell us they visited the club on three different occasions and witnessed drugs being consumed and dealt in open public. Undercover cops were even able to buy drugs from three different people on the first night when they originally scoped the club out.

The drugs were being sold, used and held in full view of patrons, management and staff. At least 60 containers full of cocaine were confiscated and cops also seized and undetermined amount of Ecstasy pills.

I would seriously love to see the training sessions the NYPD hold to teach young recruits how to blend into the gay scene. Then again, uptight dudes with buzzcuts, sneers and slightly outdated outfits would fit right in in most homo haunts in the city.

Before anyone starts crying "entrapment" about the Mr. Black crackdown, though, according to Winters, the cops claim they were "tipped off about the blatant drug use and harboring of drug dealers at Mr. Black by complaints from patrons."

Ugh, those queens are so not invited to my Halloween party.