Candis Cayne, Raven O and other pretty folk

So last night was the TONY holiday party (not pretty by the end of the booze-soaked night), which took over the ski-lodge-themed Aspen, until the gorgeous Candis Cayne arrived with Marco for a fierce set of song and banter. I caught her at the bar before she went on and warned her that she was among a crew of overexcited editorial types, and that there was even an unexpected ass-grabber in the mix. "Oooh, I'd better be careful!" she said, grinning.

That afternoon I'd had lunch at the fab Elmo with Raven O and Mark Nelson to talk about Raven's upcoming "comeback" show at Helen's (Dec 14-17). He just got back from three years in Vegas, where he was sharing MC duties with Joey Arias in Zumanity, and I got an earful about the show's homophobic producers and two-faced drama-queen stars (not to mention some scintillating details about Raven's latest tats)! Check out my interview with the charming chanteuse in next week's magazine.

Sunday started with gospel services at the LGBT Unity Fellowship Church way out in East New York, Brooklyn (another story you can read in the upcoming issue). Girl, that choir can sing! And the preacher, Bishop Zachary Jones, can tell it. It's a beautiful place, and makes you wonder why more religious folks can't be so loving, rather than using the Bible as an excuse for their seething hatred. Why why why, people, why?

I was wondering if I'd see any crossover crowd that night at Cielo's Supersnaxx soiree, but no such luck. I did see the furry, foxy DJs Gustavo and Rich King, of course, as well as their pretty, pumped-up crowd of followers. They preached their own brand of gospel, and the boys ate it up. So did I.