Can't get e-NYUFF! 2008 NY Underground Film Fest in its last incarnation

Supposedly in the midwest (from whence yours truly hails) one is three times more likely to be admonished by a fellow moviegoer to shush up. As I learned when I moved here, my fellow Missourians got nothin' on the emetophiliac crowds, especially when it comes to the New York Underground Film Festival. One attendee actually vomited on the floor during a screening. Come celebrate the quiet, the loud, the gross and the totally fantastic at the last NYUFF! 2008 marks the final year of this city institution. In last night's program, "Inside, Outside, Upside Down," Jesse Stead's Huge Flag took the cake; the short is a ravishingly beautiful 12-minute-long clip of a parachute-size American flag serving as landscape, ship and surreal billowing tent to a group of gleeful and occasionally overwhelmed picnickers. Highlights tonight include the Rhizome-sponsored "Nasty as U Wanna Be," featuring I-BE Area by the Nasty Nets and Ryan Trecartin (of recent Biennial Fame) . Also of interest to the artsy-fartsy among us should be Orchard Gallery's program Saturday afternoon (the Lower East Side project gallery is also leaving us too soon, in the month of May), and "Where Is the Love," a series of experimental shorts that includes such arteests as Cao Fei (a.k.a. China Tracy) and Drew Heitzler. Really, what I meant to say is, go see it all.