Cinema fantastique!

Curiosity of Chance

Tad Hilgenbrink and Brett Chukerman star in The Curiosity of Chance.

New Fest, Gotham's quintessentially queer film festival, is well under way over at the AMC Loews theater on Eighth Avenue and 34th Street. The series kicked off last Thursday with a screening of The Picture of Dorian Gray, with the titular beauty played by David Gallagher, clearly working to shuck the goody-two-shoes aura of of 7th Heaven. Gallagher is no Helmut Berger, who starred in the glam 1970s version of Dorian, but getting to see little Simon Camden get rogered is quite the Easter egg.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee

So far, the festival is attracting molti 'mos eager to get the first peek at features, documentaries and shorts that may or may not make it to the screen (or DVD). Friday's screening of The Curiosity of Chance, a curious homage to the John Hughes movies of the '80s (set in inexplicably in a European high school) was packed to near capacity. As was Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Jamie Babbitt's snarky follow-up to But I'm a Cheerleader, which previewed on Saturday.

We've already got tickets for the erotic shorts compilation Dirty Love and Save Me, an ex-gay ministry drama with TV veterans (and production-company partners) Chad Allen and David Gant. But if this heatwave keeps up, we might just spend the next week watching gay fare in a nice air-conditioned cinema.