Color coordination

Feeling groovy? If the sensation is nostalgia for San Fran in the 60s, head uptown to the Whitney's "Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era" and get your fix of hallucinogenic concert posters, light shows and Haight-Ashbury photos. Meanwhile, psychedelia fans living in the here-and-now will be happy to know that the aesthetic is still in vogue with contemporary artists: At John Connelly Presents in Chelsea, international art collective assume vivid astro focus has covered the gallery with wallpaper, which pops with four-letter words when visitors walk through the installation wearing 3-D glasses. Just as the Whitney hosts a film series in conjunction with their far-out show, JCP will be staging a performance series too: Expect appearances by Ladystein, Japanther, Bec Stupak and others (call the gallery for a dates and times).