Countdown to Eat Out '07: The EIC interview

Eat Out 07Ooh—snap! You may recall in my last post that I wanted to enlist the TONY edit staff to help me promote—and sell tickets to—the Eat Out '07 tasting event. I hatched a scheme la I Love Lucy, wherein I would interview some members of the edit team and get them to gush forth about the event. Clearly I forgot how completely awry most of Lucy's plans tended to go. Thus, the following awkward exchange with TONY editor-in-chief Brian Farnham:

Mike Rucker, TONY marketing director: Last year was your first year attending the Eat Out tasting event. Anything stick out in your mind about the event—the vibe, the restaurant selection, etc.?
Brian Farnham: Other than how drunk you got, you mean? Definitely the warm sugary doughnuty pastry things from Falai Panetteria. Those were frighteningly good. And by "frighteningly good" I mean that if my wife hadn't pulled me away I would have stood there cramming them into my face for the rest of the night.

Is there a particular dish you recall that you enjoyed?
See answer 1. But the yellowtail tabouli from Telepan was also pretty spectacular.

You're a busy guy. How did you manage to get away from the office long enough to check out the event?
Hey, a man's gotta eat, right? You make time for good food. Plus it runs long enough that I was able to come a little late and still get stuffed. I know a lot of hard-core Eat Out eventers get there for the starter's gun but I didn't have any issues coming later. There are lines for the Nobus and Blue Ribbon Sushis all night, but good eats abound, and only the truffled baby-seal tarts from Hearth ran out. (Kidding! There were plenty!)

You got into the event for free. Does that affect your opinion of the event in any way?
"Why, of course not, Michael! Time Out New York's Eat Out Tasting Event would be a bargain at twice the price! I'd sell my mother to go!" No, seriously, of course I'm biased having sneaked in for free but in my humble, prejudiced opinion it really is worth every penny. I mean, you easily drank twice the admission price in vodka tonics alone from what I saw.

What's up with journalistic integrity, anyway?
Great question, Mike. Lemme see, how can I explain this in terms you'd understand... You know how you'd step on a blind puppy just to sell one more tasting event ticket? Well, that's the opposite of integrity. We here in editorial specifically refuse to step on blind puppies, even when people offer us money and sex and candy to do so. Now where's my free ticket to the tasting event?!

[End of interview]

So yes, I end up looking like somewhat of a jackass (thanks, Brian), although in my own defense, I wasn't that drunk.... I mean, I was still on the clock. And I would never, ever step on a puppy. A cat, maybe, but never a dog.

But let's get past that, shall we? The bottom line, according to the great Farnham himself, is that Eat Out '07 is a swell shindig. With that kind of endorsement, you'd be some kind of fool not to buy your tickets RIGHT NOW!