Counter culture

Book Fair

While New Yorkers just adore spectacularly big art projects (a point proved by the 2005 turnout for Christo and Jean-Claude's Gates), Japanese folk tend to favor more intimate artworks. "Japanese artists like small, handmade objects," explains Tomoko Ashikawa, who helped coordinate the Japanese Young Artists Book Fair this month. Beginning Sunday, four different NYC booksellers will be infiltrated with books by 99 Japanese artists. The bulk of the works can be found at New York Kinokuniya in midtown (they'll rotate their selection each week), while Printed Matter, St. Mark's Bookshop and Williamsburg's Spoonbill & Sugartown will offer smaller displays of affordable pieces, ranging from traditional paperbacks to word-embroidered sock sculptures and oddly shaped message boxes. The fair's cozy accommodations allow for a much more discreet cultural experience, than, say, Central Park all swathed in saffron.