Daytime drama

As much as I loved watching Rosie spew about how she's "Loud! And still gay!" on The View this morning, nothing beat this afternoon's return of Maggie on All My Children. Poor Bianca, Pine Valley's favorite lezzie, who gave America its first sapphic smooch on daytime in 2000. She's already flummoxed enough by the shocking revelation that Zoe, the resident trans woman, is a lesbian trapped in a man's body and in love with her (oh my God if you've not tuned in for that yet, you must! The GLAAD-speak is an absolute soapy revolution). But now her beautiful blond love, Maggie, who dumped her in Paris, is back! It's just too exciting, especially after Bianca's too-long passion drought. (For more on the Zoe storyline, keep your eyes peeled for this week's TONY story in the Gay & Lesbian section.)

There wasn't much dyke drama at Body & Soul last night, but there was a nice sprinkling of lesbians (including off-duty DJs Susan Morabito and Kris Kono), and plenty of general drama—thanks to pandemonium at the coatroom, which was filled to capacity by 11pm; some aggressive straight-male behavior (including one leg-humping freak who tried to hijack the B&S love vibe by manhandling me until I shook him); and a too-dark, overpacked dance floor that took a while to settle into. But the amazing music, fierce crowd dancers and groovy old-school love mood saved the night after all.