Dontcha wanna know why we keep starting fires?

One Night of Fire

Despite the forces of gentrification rapidly expanding through the city like the Blob, there are still moments of unscripted creativity—what the old folks called "happenings"—percolating in our fair hamlet: the Idiotarod, the Chenguin vs. Chunk fights, Unsilent Night.

Tomorrow evening is your chance to jump into the fray and join one such renegade parade, TheDanger's annual One Night of Fire.

Starting at 7:57pm (sharp!), hundreds of jugglers, dancers, acrobats, stilt walkers, musicians, court jesters and assorted lunatics will congregate on the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway and make a pilgrimage to an unspecified destination (it might rhyme with Honey Miland).


When the mad-matter march is done, you'll be treated to an ad hoc fiery extravaganza, with fire-breathers, flame dancers and the like doing their pyro thing—a mini--Burning Man, if you will.


Celebrants are encouraged to wear white, but beyond that, the sky's the limit—bring music, drums, parasols, "refreshments," whatevs.

This is your city, people—use it or lose it.