Eat your heart out, Dash Snow

You know how you can work alongside someone for a while thinking you know them and then it turns out that they possess some kind of colossal talent the likes of which you were completely unaware? Like how one day you'll hear them sing, in breathtaking dulcet tones, a few bars of some old standard, or the phone will ring and they'll answer and speak fluent Mandarin or you'll knock back a few beers together and then out of nowhere they'll burp the alphabet. Well, imagine my surprise when one of my coworkers, while waiting for galleys one night, fashioned this:


Perhaps you need to see it from another angle?


Sadly it was destroyed by another coworker the next night in what can only have been some kind of jealous artistic rage. Strangely that same passion hasn't spilled over onto my own arts-and-crafts project, which is still hanging beautifully from recently nuptualed EIC Brian Farnham's door.