Fashion Week designer spotlight: Tracy Reese

We fell in love with every single piece from the Tracy Reese show, and it looked like Brandy, Bijou Phillips and everyone else in the crowd was in awe too. Reese has been on the fashion scene for more than ten years and is known for her supergirly, flowy and ultraflattering designs. To find out about her inspiration for this collection, TONY chatted with Reese during her hair and makeup.

What was your inspiration for this season's collection?
For me it's like a dream, like the hazy state. The collection is light and serene. It starts off soft and easy, and slowly you get pulled deeper into the dream—like a secret garden of beautiful smells, colors and textures.

How is this collection different from previous seasons?
We're experimenting a little more with structure—the idea of taking something fitted and structured and making it soft. There is a transition from light and clean to soft and lush.

Where are you favorite places to shop in the city?
Well, I'm a shoe whore, so I can easily hit all the shoe stores in one day!

Favorite things do to in NYC?
I love days of exploring and discovering something new. I think New York is a great place to explore because people are always starting something new—it's a city of doers.

Best Fashion Week moment thus far?
Leaving this office at 4am this morning knowing that the last garment was finished.

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