Fit for a pharaoh

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Late-night snack attacks can be dicey. Whether you're stumbling home from a seedy bar of ill-repute or just looking to stuff your face, options can be limited after normal business hours.

So imagine my dismay when I noticed that Ibby's Falafel, bastion of goat cheese and delicious Egyptian desserts, was closed until further notice for "renovations." It has taken me months to earn the staff's respect with my cavalier, devil-may-care palate (that's right, I said more turnips!). It was a labor of love.

My particular strip in Jersey City is somewhat limited with late-night choice, so now I am forced to forlornly trudge across the street to the deli, a place where the best one can hope for is a box of Oreos and a pack of smokes. This is no way to live. I crave delicious falafel fortnightly, and my plea, to whichever god is listening, for Ibby's triumphant reopening, continues to go unanswered.

Please come back, Ibby.