Fitness Face-Off: Splits (session 13)

If you thought that bananas thunderstorm this afternoon deterred me from making my way to Re:AB, Brian, you'd be mistaken. Contrary to what you might think, I'm not a witch and the rain doesn't make me melt. My progress is due to old-fashioned hard work and not black magic. You, on the other hand, must be counting on a broomstick to whisk you up to that basket.

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But I digress. Today I worked with Debbie, who lives just outside of London, has two grown children and a husband flexible enough to allow her to spend innumerable weeks under the tutelage of Brooke (she's been here for more than six months, earning various certificates and learning how to teach). It's inconceivable, but she's edging toward 50. She looks 35. Perhaps it's the Pilates. It might also be because she's never had a burrito. Isn't that insane? I will eat anything, so long as it comes wrapped in a tortilla. In fact, I'm not ashamed to admit that I will be dining at Chevy's Fresh Mex tonight in Times Square (my old stomping ground and conveniently located near the Feist concert). For real. I celebrated my second to last birthday at Chevy's (in Battery Park, nonetheless). I prefer the Tostada Salad (salad is not the operative word here) to their burritos. Another totally disgusting, random tidbit about Chevy's: If you order takeout, it comes in a giant lasagna pan.

We went back to the basics, and Debbie taught me some of the tricks that everyone learns on their first day, like, ummm, how to get on and off the reformer. Thanks, Brooke! (No, but seriously, Brooke has let me progress, form-be-damned for the sake of our deadline—which means that I would probably still embarrass myself in a beginner Pilates class.)

We also did a bunch of classic ballet moves, like ronde de jambes and stretches over the barrel.

Yum. Chevy's.