Gallery openings this week

  • Brucennial

  • Anya Kielar, "Face"

  • Joan Jonas, "Reading Dante III"

  • Stefan Bruggemann, "Headlines & Last Line in the Movies"

  • Jebediah Cesar

  • Beat Streuli, "NYC 91/09"


Here's how to get your art-world fix this week:

Thursday, February 25
Brucennial at 350 Broadway, 6--11:45pm
Anya Kielar, "Face," at Rachel Uffner Gallery, 6--8pm
Fourth Estate Editions, "Recent Works," at Frederieke Taylore Gallery, 5--7pm
Jow Bradley and Chris Martin at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 6--8pm
Nari Ward, "LIVESupport" at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, 6--8pm
Animate Matter at Thomas Erben Gallery, 6--8:30pm
Dhruvi Achara, "Gasp" at Kravets/Wehby Gallery, 6--8pm

Friday, February 26
Lucas Ajemian and Julien Bismuth, "Les Tristes: Invisible-Exports," at Invisible Exports, 6--8pm
Bbbrrriiiaaannn Bbbeeellloootttttt, "The Joy of File," at Zurcher Studio, 6--8pm
David Smith at Gagosian Gallery, 6--8pm

Saturday, February 27
Joan Jonas, "Reading Dante III," and Stefan Bruggemann, "Headlines & Last Line in the Movies," at Yvon Lambert, 6--8pm
Meredyth Sparks, "Extraction," at Elizabeth Dee, 6--8pm
Jebediah Cesar at D'Amelio Terras, 6--8pm
Beat Streuli, "NYC 91/09," at Murray Guy, 6--8pm
Benjamin Degen "Out of the Dark into the Air" at Museum 52, 6--8pm
Candid Hofer, "Naples and Florence" at Sonnabend Gallery, 5--7pm

Sunday, February 28
Reconstruction #1 at On Stellar Rays, 6--8pm

Monday, March 1

John Bock at Anton Kern Gallery, 5--7pm

Tuesday, March 2

Into the Unknown at Ludlow 38, 6--8pm