Go! Girls

So I hit the annual Go Magazine Readers' Choice Nightlife Awards bash at B Bar last night (in the excellent company of my TONY cohort "Mother," a.k.a. Melissa Anderson) and was buoyed to see that, despite constant claims to the contrary, lesbian nightlife is not dead in NYC! And much of that is because of Go, the little-dyke-mag-that-could, and because of all the hot young girls who just can't stop going out (or making out, as the case was in at least one corner last night). But the other forces are the women behind the scenes, who, believe it or not, are pretty much the same trio of party-promoter power dykes that have reigned for more than a decade: Brooke Webster (Cattyshack, winner in three categories), Wanda Acosta (Starlette, winner in one category) and Lisa Cannistraci (Henrietta Hudson, winner in three categories). How do they keep on going?

Other been-around-forever winners included Murray Hill (Best Drag King... and perhaps the only one left?), Michele Balan (Best Comic... and the one that never ages), Mary Mac (Best Hip-Hop DJ) and Rubyfruit (Most Romantic Dining). The staying power is just incredible in the lezzie world! Speaking of which, comedian Julie Goldman emceed, and Michael Musto scurried in and then right out again. (Trust me, it really wasn't his scene.) Congratulations, everyone!