Going Nutz

Perhaps a new December tradition—in the manner of rereading David Sedaris's Santaland Diaries or rewatching Bad Santa—is to curl up with an interview TONY conducted with eight New York City Ballet dancers about The Nutcracker, in issue 271. Titled "Welcome to the Nutz house," the interview recalls a happier time—when publicists didn't cramp a journalist's style. Here is a highlight (the entire interview is available here):

TONY: How are children chosen?
Riggins: It has a lot to do with your size. I was always the smallest, so I played Marie.
Weese: If they fit in the costume.... [Laughs]
Capps: Some of the Angels are a little bit too tall, and you see their feet. The point is not to see their feet. So they have to bend their knees the whole time. It's so sad.
Borree: It's terrible.
TONY: Is that why they crash?
Weese: Yeah. Because they're trying to scoot in pli, but they hit the tape and fall.
Riggins: I've seen a couple of them go down! [Laughs]
Weese: Then they start trembling and crying.
Gold: The worst is when they're standing there in that big hoop and then the hoop moves, and there's a puddle.