Greetings, TONY blog readers

You're looking swell this evening/morning (depending on when you're reading this), and while I want to direct your attention to the time-sensitive post below me, I'd like to first formally welcome you to the TONY blog. Welcome! Take off your coat, get something to drink, make yourself comfortable, stay awhile—HEY, WATCH IT, did I somehow give you the idea that you should take off your pants?!? Jesus mother-effing criminy! I hardly think we know each other well enough to warrant this kind of—HEY NOW. Have some class, would you? I'm sure in time the TONY blog will be more than happy to receive such an enthusiastic—OKAY, THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M GOING TO SAY THIS AND THEN IT'S NO MORE MISTER NICE BLOG—you're beginning to creep me out. Friends-plus isn't out of the question in time, but for now, how about we just shoot for good buddies with the potential for an occasional hug?

Now, as I was saying before you got all up in my browser, welcome to the TONY blog, where you can get your hot, seasonally appropriate content (today's comes in a hat) delivered to your screen many times throughout the day courtesy of all your favorite TONY editors. Hear what they think about stuff. Get to know the stuff they think about. But there's more than just stuff and thoughts. There's a Magic 8 ball. But that's not all!

So about that post below me—books editor Michael Miller has been kind enough to alert our attention to a cool thing going on where you can have a famous author call you to remind you to vote on Tuesday, but if you want in on that highbrow literary telephonic action, you have to sign up by ten in the morning on Monday, which very well may be the day you're reading this. The early bird gets the intimidating yet quite anecdote-worthy phone call, kids. Get on it. NOW!