Heck-bent for leather


We're not ones to suspect sinister motives when corporations support "community and self-expression," so we were all atwitter when Timberland announced it would be installing high-concept billboards in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx made entirely out of the company's proprietary boot leather.

The footwear company procured local artists in each 'hood to paint one of the "live" canvases: veteran tagger Alan Ket took on Third and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn, monomonikered PART tricked out his space on Harlem's Fifth Avenue and 125th Street, and Bronx-born sneaker designer Andre Trenier emblazoned this daunting design on the corner of Creston Avenue South and 118th Street in the Boogie Down.


The "Boot as Canvas" campaign was cooked up to herald the launch of 10061.com, a new site where visitors can post original artwork, photos or writing—and, of course, buy the latest Timberland shit-kickers. (What—did you think this was all in the name of creativity? Bandwidth costs money, people!)

The canvases remain on view through the end of the holidays, whereupon they'll be donated to local charities to auction off as part of their fund-raising efforts. An unspecified portion of the leather, however, will be repurposed into limited-edition Timberland boots. Which brings everything together in a heartwarming "Circle of Life" kind of way, don't cha think?

In the interest of equal time, we're including a link to an anti-animal-skin PSA from PETA narrated by Pam Lee Rock Anderson, a woman who knows a thing or two about leathery hides.

Pam and Christina