Hey Anne Finn! You Gonna Eat That?

Editorial coordinator Anne Finn is a lovely lass who went to Fordham, knows how to keep white jeans white and delivers galleys to the features department with the flourish of a gymnast, which is the only way we accept them.


What's that you're enjoying today?
What we have here is an all-veggie sandwich on whole wheat—actually, I think it's multigrain—with a slice of provolone and just a dash of Italian dressing.

Are you vegetarian?
No, I'm not. I just really enjoy this. You can see how stacked it is, the sandwich.

I can. Where's this from?
Actually it's from the BP gas station right across the street.

I find that hard to believe.
It's shocking, I know. I saw [TONY Kids assistant editor] Katharine Rust eating it in the kitchen one day. She introduced me to it. She's trying to get the BP to name the sandwich after her.

What do they call it right now?
They don't have it right now, she's the one who introduced it to them and I think getting it named after her is in the works.

I had no idea.
And it's all for the bonus price of $2.99. I eat this about once a week.

Out of six possible stars, what would you give this meal?
Considering that I'm usually full until dinner, which is impressive, I'm going to go with a four and a half.

Wow, do we even give half stars...for sandwiches?
We do now.

Looking for something that isn't sold next to the Penzoil? The Eat Out department was kind enough to suggest 'sNice for all your veggie-sandwich needs.