Hot Recap: Lewis Black on "The Science of Rage" at Rubin Museum

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Lewis Black wants to knock you out."]Lewis Black gets pissed.[/caption]

There's a lot of hostility brewin' on the mean streets of New York. As comedian Lewis Black put it last night, "In New York City, fuck isn't a word—it's a comma." Alas, Black's lecture, "The Science of Rage," at the Rubin Museum of Art, was a cordial affair. The venom-spewing Daily Show regular was joined onstage by Dr. Robert Allan, a a psychologist and the author of Getting Control of Your Anger. Their conversation followed a few tangential courses, but was so civil it included a PowerPoint presentation (!). Allan kicked off the evening by discussing the ill effects anger has on health; who knew one could get so pissed off that they drop dead on the spot? Black drove home the point that a lot of people thrive on anger—his mother, for example—and that if he's yelling at you, it means you're on his A-list. (So kudos!)—Josh Frank