How much is that reindeer in the window?

Back in September, TONY writer Emily Shetler turned us on to an exhibit at Williamsburg's Jack the Pelican, highlighting new works by Brooklyn artist Peter Caine, a sort of cracked-out Walt Disney infamous for creating twisted animatronic tableaux that would never fly in the Magic Kingdom: Barbara Bush eying the Marquis de Sade's colossal member; a blackface St. Nick pushing a garbage-filled shopping cart; Abraham Lincoln hoisting Adolf Hitler's decapitated head. It was classic Out There material, but given the sheer size of the installation (which practically overran the gallery), the limited amount of time we had and the increased workload at the time (courtesy of our fall arts preview issue), organizing the photo shoot that accompanied Emily's write-up was a task Herculean in scale.

If only we had known that we could sit on our duffs and do nothing for three months, and simply walk down to the front of 475 Tenth Avenue and shoot Caine's works, currently in the holiday window displays at Exit Art gallery, right next door to the TONY offices.

You know what they say, "If you can't bring Santa to the mountain..."

Honest Abe