Hurricane Sandy: Is it a snowpocalypse? Snoreaster? Frankenstorm?

Ridiculous portmanteaus abound for the storm, which may hit the East Coast hard next week.

Will we see this much snow next week? Unlikely. But you never know!

Will we see this much snow next week? Unlikely. But you never know! Photograph: Saleena Fortunato

Winter is coming! Maybe! Albeit a couple months earlier than expected: Hurricane Sandy is currently making its way up the East Coast, threatening to dump rain and maybe even snow (!) on the city and its surrounding areas. Naturally, the storm's weird nature—Weather Underground has a thoroughly wonky explanation of the meteorological science behind Sandy—has led people to do two things: panic, and come up with goofy words to describe it. Jen Doll at the Atlantic Wire has compiled several of these portmanteaus, including snowicane, hurrisnoweaster, hurricarnage and—her favorite, and ours too—snor'eastercane.

Anyway, it remains to be seen if the snor'eastercane—it does have quite the ring to it—will become an actual threat, or fizzle out, Hurricane Irene–style (the NYC impact was minimal, even if other parts of the country were hit hard). We still remember the freak storm over Halloween last year, so we're stocking up on milk, bread and toilet paper now. (You can never be too careful.) Are you worried? Let us know in our poll!