If you like your trivia like you like your alcohol

and boiled eggs—HARD—you're going to need to pick up this week's issue of the magazine, like, rightthisveryminute and yes, that's all one word smushed together to signify the veryrightnowness of it all. Or you could just check it out online, except that could prove difficult on the subway, unless of course you're reading this on the subway right now (rightnow) in which case technology has forged ahead and left this lone blogger in the dust. Actually, there's no question that technology has forged ahead and left me in the dust as became freakishly clear last night whilst I sat powerless in front of my computer which had chosen the very worst time to take a goddamn dirt nap. COME BACK! I implored, launching the damn thing into safe mode as myriad fruitless tech support options blossomed in my head like internet porn windows springing open uninvited. Not that I got here because of internet porn, mind you. Speaking of porn, which we weren't, there's a quiz in this issue of the magazine and there are even some saucy questions and pictures. It's a quelle saucy quiz. A quiz basted in info and coated in a tasty batter of knowledge with a healthy ladling of steaming factoids. Seriously, you need to get your hands or at least your eyeballs on this quiz. And then next time when someone asks you if you "got any New Yorker in you?" you'll be able to answer honestly before kneeing them in the groin.