It's Sunday, I'm in Love

We here at the TONY Clubs-section executive suite aren't particularly religious, but we've always been fans of melacha, the Saturday ban on work decreed by Orthodox Judaism. In practice, all that means is that we never check our work e-mail onSasha Saturdays, a practice we actually extend to Sundays and, to the largest extent possible, every other day of the week. This past Saturday, however, we were expecting notification from Publishers Clearing House of a big windfall, so we made an exception. Sadly, we are not now riding around in a pink Rolls with a jaunty top hat on our pate, sneering at the little people dirtying their feet on Gotham's gutters. However, we did run into one fascinating dispatch: The long-standing "world's most popular DJ," the U.K.'s Sasha, was going to be spinning a heretofore unannounced late-afternoon/early-evening date at little ol' Love the following day. Now, we've never been a huge fan of international megajocks; it's not that they DJ Threealways suck (though they often do), but there are so many other spinners who are just as talented as they are that it seems kind of stupid to invest them with such star power. At best, we figured this would be a good excuse to chug down some beers on a Sunday afternoon. But, much to our surprise, we actually had a pretty good time. The Great One played deeper, more compelling music than we expected, for one thing. But the real treat was having the chance to hear his deejaying partner for the gig, NYC's own DJ Three, over Love's grand sound system. Three, the head honcho of the Hallucination Limited label, played some great, tweaked-out electronic house—he's the perfect example of someone who should be a superduperstar, but is relegated to playing second banana. Where, oh where, is justice to be found? And yes, we did quaff down more than a few pints of ale.