Last-minute gift idea (most definitely for yourself)

A hole in my life (actually, the letters C through R) has been filled, and since the holidays are all about sharing... Oxford University Press is running a special sale: The six-volume set of The International Encyclopedia of Dance is $150, dramatically reduced from $395. (When the IED was published, the bastards at Oxford gave me only the first and sixth volumes.) The indispensable, definitive IED—full of photographs and excellent essays—is also strangely a pleasure to read just for the hell of it. The paperback set, all 4,048 pages of it, arrives in a slipcase and is easily the best thing I've bought all year. International shipping is $60; in the U.S., it's only $7. Go to or call 800-451-7556. The promo code (important!) is #25595. Runs through December 31. Act fast!