LGBT postelection blues

Yes, blues, it's true—but just a tad. It's just that, in the midst of all the excitement about Jim Webb and Rumsfeld and the thumpin', I can't help but feel a little thumped myself knowing that seven of the eight states with anti-gay-marriage measures on their ballots actually approved such bans (hooray for Arizona!). And no one's even talking about it. Maybe because it's too depressing? Or because it's best to focus on the positive right now, and not let any of the homophobes have any reason to feel proud?

Or maybe because we need to just suck it up for now, and be satisfied with the Democratic takeover and keep being patient about the marriage thing. I don't really know. But Bill Maher (love him) went there briefly on Larry King last night, when he said maybe our lesson learned should be that, as long as we can stand to give the conservative crazies their guns and their marriage for now, then this country could actually have a fighting chance.

"I am willing to give the opposition those two things," he told a bemused King. "Give married people guns and let them kill each other. That's what I'm saying. That's my platform, Larry."

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

Check out the CNN transcript of the interview here.

And, on a less deep but more fun note, check back with me Saturday for a full report on the sure-to-be fab Out 100 Awards bash, which I'm heading to on Friday night...